Dinner Club

Dinner Club is something that totally saved me when I first moved to LA.  The only person I knew at the time was Martin (my soon to be husband at the time).  Not only was he working but he was also taking classes after work.  This left me alone a lot.  I got in contact with a friend from college who happened to be living in the area.  She was part of a book club (of which I only went to 2 meetings), but a few girls wanted to break off from that group to make a dinner club too.  I joined and immediately was hooked.  Its nothing very complicated.  Its just girls getting together for dinner.  We rotate on who hosts each time (which is usually every few weeks).  The host cooks the main meal and the others are assigned to bring the salad, wine, dessert, or appitizer.  We sit, eat, drink, and talk.  Its a wonderful stress reliever and the conversations can get really intense and insiteful.  I love it.  I would recommend it for any group of gals or even guys.